Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect During the Visit?

Please bring your (parent/ guardian, if patient is minor) ID card at each visit.

Please bring your (parent/ guardian, if patient in minor) insurance card at each visit.

Patients younger than 18 years of age MUST BE accompanied by parent(s)/ legal guardian during the entire visit.

If a minor patient is brought for the visit by any adult other than parent(s), one of the following document need to be present at the time of the visit:

  • Legal document showing that person bringing the child is legal guardian
  • Written authorization by the parent (sample form)
  • Any other legal document authorizing the person to bring the minor for the visit

Visit can last up to 2 hours as patient may need ECG and echocardiogram during the visit in addition to examination.

For infants and toddlers, please bring their milk/ formula bottles or snack to keep them comfortable through the entire long visit time.

Please inform us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to change/ cancel your appointment. No-show and same day cancellations are liable for fees (see financial policy).

We take care of many patients with significant heart defects who are very susceptible to seemingly common illnesses. If patient or person accompanying the patient have any illness or respiratory symptoms then please reschedule the visit.

Contact our office at 409-234-0934 if you have any questions about the visit.